Project blue beam hoax

Project blue beam: great modern religious hoax planned, as exposed in four phoenix journals~ four winds 10 - truth winds. People think the alien hoax and spaceships and fake gods from different religions wont appear before them in the sky , well watch this technology and then. Salut a tous voila, je sais pas si certains ont entendu parler du projet blue beam, dénoncé par serge monast je vais essayer de briefer brièvement ce.

Who was it that said project blue beam is just a conspiracy theory again. Back to main page project blue beam project blue beam the infamous nasa blue beam project has four different steps in. Quick list of highly probable or confirmed ufo hoaxes and myths: (hoax spread mostly in spain & france in the 1960s (by chris kenworthy) project blue beam. Project blue beam sounds too close to project blue book, which smacks of manipulation also--he said a similar thing about the infamous hoax. Is shadow government gearing up for project blue beam listen to what dr steven greer, md, director of “the disclosure project,” has to say about.

Some think it was about project blue beam checking in on the science project that it was a hoax, perhaps. The greatest hoax | serge monast - project blue beam transcript (sweetlibertyorg) submitted 4 years ago by johnysmote comment share. =20 following=20 is the transcript of a taped presentation by serge monast, a = french-speaking=20 canadian journalist although there was no date on the tape.

Project blue beam is a conspiracy theory that claims that nasa is attempting to implement a new age religion with the antichrist at its head and start a new world. By david openheimer april 16, 2000 from alienastronomer website recovered through waybackmachine website spanish version what is the blue beam project. Chemtrails in thailand, haarp,project blue beam พระเจ้าและจานบินปลอม ในห้อง 'ภัยพิบัติและ.

Following is the transcript of a taped presentation by serge monast, a french-speaking canadian journalist although there was no date on the tape, monast speaks of. Project blue beam fake rapture or deception of lucifer this radio show addresses the claim of serge monast regarding nasa's project blue beam and how it aligns to the. Project blue beam - real or fake blue planet project hoax i say this only those who see the changes year after year since the day we hear this.

Out of so many grand conspiracy theories that have been proposed for the past several decades, perhaps one stands out among the rest it’s called “project blue beam.

project blue beam hoax
  • Skeptic project is a web site dedicated to investigating the internet's most common conspiracy theories, hoaxes, and so on the web site formerly known as conspiracy.
  • End of world, conspiracy, or hoax a mass plan supposedly carried out by our government and nasa to enslave all the dumb people of.
  • The blue beam project is a recent mind control programs it should be pointed out that some scholars believe that the information about blue beam is a hoax.

Project blue beam 891 likes blue beam project the air force of the united states says that the theory is a hoax which has been investigated and. Reddiquette is a set of suggestions that tend to improve the quality of reddit friends of reddit johnysmote the greatest hoax | serge monast - project blue beam. Topic: blue beam project locnar the red and the green stamps posted one hell of a light show ip: logged | trishdadish let there be pcs on earth posted. 56 airborne holographic projector brief description the greatest hoax if we really wish to understand the blue beam project. Posts about project blue beam written by who worked on the moon landing project has ever said , moon landing hoax, obama, project blue beam, serge.

project blue beam hoax project blue beam hoax project blue beam hoax
Project blue beam hoax
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